Seo Off Page Submission Issue

Why Hub pages is banning my articles even it is quality content someone please helpme

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I would suggest you read section 23 of the User Agreement and follow the very carefully laid out steps they have provided for you.

You would need to ask Hubpages about that. How could anyone here possibly know?

I could take a guess, though. Based on your topic title, your aim seems to be to manipulate your own site ranking, rather than to publish interesting content. Are you really sure you have not violated any of the guidelines in doing so?

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Whenever you submit and article, image and blog on another website always read terms and conditions. Make sure you are not violating any of the guidelines. Always read the terms and conditions and user agreement

Have you read their guidelines fully? If you are satisfying their guidelines surely they will approve your articles. Another way is to contact the admins directly and ask why they are not accepting. This will be the best solution.

Sometime sites like hubpages banning contents due to link also … door page issue. So check link also that what types of links you are putting with your contents. Is that links are completely suitable according to your contents?

Maybe your content isn’t as good as you think and maybe you are spamming hubpages with your backlinks.

First you have to read their terms and conditions what they accept. HubPages obviously wants high quality writing and is trying to avoid spammy links pointing back to people’s websites.

You can contact Hubpages for your problem, try to contact their customer service. And I think they are removing your post because of links in your content.

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SEO off page submissions require follow the terms and conditions. To have successful implementation of Off-page submission, we need to complete full profile of every website and also use link on the keyword.