SEO Off Page Optimization Task List

Hello Frnds,

Need some help, can you tell me what Off Page Task i can do, i have already done the below tasks, Please let me know if you know any other off page tasks.

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bokmarking
  • Article Posting
  • Prease realease
  • Blog posting
  • Blog commenting
  • profile posting
  • Classifieds posting
  • Forum posting
  • Search Engine subbmition
  • Image posting
  • Link Building
  • video posting
    ? ? ? … What Next…i can do more…:rolleyes:

You can also go for:
Link exchange
Guest blogging

I’m sure there are more items you can add to your lists but you have to change your mindset here. Calling these things tasks relegates them all to only one driver - SEO. Many of the items you’ve listed have far bigger benefits than a backlink or couple keywords and while search can be a big driver, don’t mistake it as the sum total of marketing.

Furthermore to get an accurate list you have to qualify your site type and your expertise with it. Tactics change by your focus and your ability to create content authentically for it.

Thanks Guys,

i have to ask one more think, do anyone know abt “post card submissions” & “pdf submissions” … how this is beneficial in SEO

Please Explain Profile posting, how is valuable in Seo

youtube video submission

The following strategies are my suggestion,

Article Submission
Niche Blog Posting
Blog Submission(Web 2.0)
Blog Commenting
Guest Posting
Forum Posting
Yellow Pages
Brand Listing( and
Classified Ads
Social Bookmarking
Directory Submission
Profile Links
Squidoo Lens Creation
Hub Page Creation
Video Posting
Image Sharing
Document Sharing

Hi gyus,

Can anyone explain me about post card submissions,pdf submissions and profile posting.