SEO Off Page Activities are Dead? tell me please

I am scared asking this question, but really I am telling this on the basis of MOZ, Matts and many more. Now Guest Blogging is being spammed. So now what is left in Offpage techniques. We can not use any activities from OFF page techniques for making back link. Can any body tell me? How can we rank of a particular keyword. If I say, Content is always king and will be remain. SMO will also be in top position. These are my views. Can you share your views please?

Google doesn’t want you to do off-page SEO. To be honest, they have never wanted you to, but their algorithm hasn’t always been sophisticated enough to spot it. Google couldn’t give a damn about any links that you have built or seeded, it only wants to know how many OTHER people think your site is worth linking to and what they consider it relevant for. Anything you can do has less and less impact over time, and that trend is showing no sign of changing.

No! it is not dead but they do want people to slow down on their link building campaign. They want people to spend more time on their own website providing new and useful content rather than doing some guest posting to get links.

Almost all the off-page SEO techniques are listed as the black hat or grey hat SEO techniques. Mainly two things are left for the SEO, first is unique content and secondly social media. These two things now plays a very vital role in the growth of any website.

Actually its not dead but its changing. Matt cut mention that guest blogging is not dead but its over for who do guest blogging in such spamy and unnatural websites.

Off page will never die, but it will evolve :wink:

Stay up to date with googles guidelines and you’ll be just fine. Be sure to read a lot about SEO too :smiley:

No! it is not dead but they do want people to slow down on their link building campaign. They want people to spend more time on their own website providing new and useful content rather than doing some guest posting to get links.

Absolutely right!

It is not that you will not consider search engines anymore but your top priority must be your target audience. Yes, your website should be search engine friendly, which should be the first thing to do (onsite optimization). After that, you can do offpage for your target audience but not search engines mainly.

No, It is not. SEO off page is must need, because it is off page optimization, with out off page how to optimize your site , how to build link for your site how to promote your site.

SEO Activities are not Dead. But it needs quality. If you create a natural link building then there is no problem, USE Fresh & Quality content For SEO Activity. Never use spin & duplicate content .

You have to actually write good content and add something to the internet that is needed in your industry.

No one is going to care about your article if it is just rewritten from something someone else wrote. People will not care about old information. Your goal should be to provide your users possible with the best content available, both on and off your site. If it is actually good, then your users will probably share it (at least sometimes), and Google will see that people actually like your content, making Google want to promote it (without tricking them).

when focussing on particluar you can

  1. write quality content (article/blog)
  2. bookmarking your site to high pr sites.
  3. join discussion.
  4. yahoo answers.
  5. social media also helps in getting audience of your site.

If the SEO Dead Google will also lose its Visitor too, As we know Google is only providing suitable result because we are providing design our website in such a systematic manner and providing best content to the visitor.

But we should also focus on genuine online promotion.

  1. Provide Relevant Content.
  2. Do proper content marketing
  3. Focus on versatile promotion way.
  4. Also focus on Email Marketing. best for targeting specific group.

Off page Seo has evolved but it is not dead. What used to work years ago has become less effective. Social signals now play a major role in ranking. The best thing to do us is to balance on page and off page seo.

I don’t think it is true. If you are doing Guest Blogging, don’t make it a strategy for link building. Always write informative as well as quality content which helps the host site and the readers both, be a regular contributor, don’t make the article spam by stuffing unnecessary keywords, and don’t use the same guest posts on different websites.

So these are some practices which you have to take care of while doing Guest Blogging and I hope it will not harm your identity.

I want to know that what are the best strategies for the off page SEO. And i also want to know that 0 Page rank submission(Directory submission, Bookmarking submission, classified submission…etc.) are effective or not for the site.

Then I suggest you look around the forum, because we already have a number of threads dealing with those issues, such as

Off page SEO will certainly will never die but it is evolving and content will always be the king(knowledge is power they say). If you are giving something fresh and new on the internet then that will definitely bring traffic to your website because your content was good and the reader wants to read more or really appreciates your writing.
And as long as there is internet ,SEO will live despite the rumours because optimization is a constant process and it will continue forever.

[SIZE=3]Off Page Activity can never die but the way of doing them and the techniques are change with Google Algorithms.

Apart from it I would like to tell you that doing Off Page SEO is not necessary for any website. You can create back-links for getting too much traffic or audience for the website but the most important thing for the website to improve the website first. You have to improve your website, add some content in this so the users can find it good. Otherwise user cannot stay at your website; it is really not good for the website.[/SIZE]

May be Google is looking for sites that get linkbaited. In other words when as many external sites link to your website you stand to gain not only by the efforts of Google but also by your content.

I don’t think it’s dead. You just now have to be more meticulous in choosing which sites you’ll place your links.