SEO is really quite simple- True or False

SEO is really quite simple and people make it out to be harder than it actually is:eek:

True or False

In this wold i ll say nothing is difficult if you work hard in the proper manner so seo is also easy if you work hard in this field.

SEO is very simple, all you have to do is what Google want and you’ll rank well.

Now, why don’t you list both the things that google want and how to do them? Then the poll might be meaningful.

SEO is very simple, write on topics which you are crazy about ! that’s it

Seo simpale to off-page activity. But not simple on-page activity because on page activity is hard and complicated.

it should be. its only dealing with a limited number of rules.

Simple can be defined differently by different people. You could say SEO is difficult compared to brushing your teeth but simple compared to designing the next rocket ship. SEO takes creativity, perseverance, patience and that’s just scratching the surface, if you’re good at those then SEO is simple, if you’re not then SEO may be the most difficult thing you’ve ever tried… Now if this question is what’s your personal perspective on SEO then my answer is: simple until you become successful, then it’s pretty hard to force yourself to write an article when you could be chilling at some all-inclusive resort :slight_smile: I apologize about my psychological rant there :slight_smile:

I think it is false because on-page optimization is little-bid difficult.

It is simple for those who have patience and hard for those who don’t have that. A lot of times it takes time to get some good rankings for highly competitive keywords so it becomes hard and if we are working on keywords that are not very competitive, it becomes simple to see them ranking well in less time.

Oh, so there are half of those who voted that it is “not really quite simple”.

The fact is that, first, it will only become hard if the keywords you are working on are very competitive. Second, if you are doing stuff other than organic/white hat seo, and lastly, if you are a complete newbie into seo!

Depends how well you understand SEO. If you really understand it, it is simple for you.

so many things and time to spare also include money (for sure) everything is in it’s simplest of what you can see but hard of what you have to do. Those who said its simple because of course applaud for those who don’t use tools :lol:

SEO is no rocket science. The secrets to SEO is written all over the internet and in every forum you visit. But still not everybody will succeed in seo. The simple reason being that seo requires hard work which not many people are capable to put in. So in that way, SEO is difficult.

You may know every aspect of seo but implementing it is difficult, very difficult.

The process of SEO is pretty simple and straightforward, although can be quite time consuming. The process is pretty much keyword research, target said keywords with on page SEO, content, then backlinks.

There are many little shortcuts and tricks to learn to make things easier though.

It used to be simple about a decade ago, but now search engines like Google have made more complicated algorithms and exceptions to those algorithms that for some niches it is extremely challenging to rank well. Just read all about the Google updates the past decade and you will see how it has affected a lot websites.

SEO is pretty straightforward: give what google wants and you’ll rank high up there

SEO is not very much difficult but it is little tricky and a constant and continues effort in a proper way. If SEO is so simply than everyone can rank his keywords on top of rank but in reality its not the case.

For those people who use automated softwares, SEO is easy, much easy, but for those who use ethical and manual methods, it is not but challenging.

this information is false because seo is hard working manage all seo activities is check them always.