SEO Friendly URL

Which url would be more SEO friendly and why?


I would always go for the second one, out of those two - why would you want to make the URL more complicated than you need to? At that level, it’s unlikely to make much difference to search engines, because even the query URL has actual words in it rather than some unintelligible numbered ID (which is the trap that a lot of sites fall into), but it’s certainly more user friendly to keep it short and sweet.

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When you’re using dummy URLs to explain the point, please don’t allow them to become clickable links. If they start with http:// or www. then you need to un-tick the “Automatically parse links in text” box. If you leave it ticked, we end up with a load of outbound links to dummy sites. Thanks!

You can just put it in [ code ] [ /code ] brackets, minus the spacing, to make the URLs appear in a workable fashion.

Obviously second one will be the seo friendly url. If you remove the stop words in that url it will be more better. Because when u focus on lengthy keyword then the url too lengthy.

www(.)domain(.)com(/)A(-)Breath(-)Of(-)Fresh(-)Air is the better format, bcoz SE cannot read ? and it looks more like a dynamic URL.

The second one is more good. Because why we use unwanted charters in our url. Make url more user friendly and the second one would be more Search Engine friendly.

I am eagerly prefer the second one, from my point of view the second one is more valued as compare to first one.

SE’s read ? just fine

Search engines can read and understand query URLs absolutely fine … but they can understand your site best if you use query URLs for dynamic pages and plain URLs for static pages.

[noparse][/noparse] is the best url because it is in well structured (dynamic). And it very easy for crawler to crawl this url And if you are using [noparse][/noparse] then you have to apply various tactic to hide you article.php from crawl.

I’m sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense at all.

On the one hand, you’re saying you should use the form that has ‘article.php?’ in it, and then without pausing for breath you say that if you’re not using that then you have to take steps to hide ‘article.php’ from the search engines. That’s completely the wrong way round. If you don’t mention ‘article.php’ in the URL, robots aren’t going to look for it, so you don’t need to hide it.

And I really have no idea why you think a query (dynamic) URL is any more well-structured than a simple one. All it does is add more complications, more potential for things to go wrong, and more confusion to the search engines when they expect a dynamic page (because you have told them that’s what they’re getting) but end up getting a static page.

(A site that uses PHP to fill a template isn’t necessarily ‘dynamic’ - if there’s only one parameter in the URL query and you always get the same results, that’s a static page, and should be represented as such)

Plus - please read #2 and #3 in this thread on what to do when including ‘for example’ links.

I’m no expert and still learning every bit of SEO but this statement here is a blasphemy.

You probably meant the other way around.

I would prefer the second URL will be good choice. because that will be user friendly and Search Engine friendly. so why to use lengthy and complicated URL.

Change the permalink of your url to .html

A URL like “” can be indexed much easier, whereas its dynamic form, “”, can actually puzzle the search engines and cause them to miss possibly vital information contained in the URL, and thus preventing you from getting the expected ranking.

With fresh URLs, the search engines can differentiate folder names and can set up real links to keywords. Query string parameters seem to be an obstacle in a search engine’s attempt to perform the indexing. Many of the SEO professionals agree that dynamic URLs are not very attractive to web spiders, while static URLs have greater visibility in their “eyes”.

Why? It makes no difference at all.

Second-one is good, and similarly it is better for SEO to not have .html at end. It make huge difference…