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I have been trying to do SEO for my WordPress. It’s been a month now. But there is still no improvement in Google. I am not asking for the first page right away but it’s still not coming even on the top 300 page itself.

Please someone help me. how long it takes to bring at least top 10 pages of the SERP?

Thanks in advance

How well your site performs in search results depends on many factors, but primarily the judged relevance of your content to the search term, the quality of your content, and the quality and number of your competitors. If you are in a high competition niche, then you will find it harder to rank highly.

As you will realise from that, there is no answer to your question about how long it takes to rise in the rankings. It might happen quite quickly, or it might never happen. There are no guarantees or quick fixes.


I’m aware there are various SEO plugins for WP, but I don’t know how, how well or if they work.
But in the end it’s primarily down to your content.
If it is thin on content, the content is poor quality or copied, or even just not excellent while being in a highly competitive niche, then all the SEO plugins and tricks will not help you.


I use Yoast Plugin for my WordPress blog. Which actually guides me for SEO. I am a beginner in SEO as well and my site wasn’t able to rank in the google. One of my friend suggested me to use this plugin. This plugin is really helpful. You can check your content readability and seo status. Also you can modify your website content because the modification guidelines are available in there…


First of all you need very good quality content.
Then you only have to do seo from High DA,PA site. Because backlinks from lower site can effect your website.
Besides this you need to do seo in a natural and planned way. You can take paid seo services for this.
Best luck with your website :slight_smile:

I am a SEOer and I find it take almost three months to make my site rank high in Google. I agree with tonmoy07, you need to update very good quality content every day. Then, you have to constantly increase the number of backlinks, the more high quality the better.

@templateskore: if you are looking for good, sound SEO advice, I suggest you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. You can be sure any advice you find there is in line with search engine guidelines, and will not have a negative impact on your site.

Creating backlinks with the intention of manipulating search results is a long-outdated technique, and against both Google and Bing’s guidelines. Such behaviour may lead to your site being penalised.

Hi @templateskore.

Content is a huge factor for SEO. Then you focus only the on page SEO. If your on page is good then you can see the result. Then You can think about the back link creation. @TechnoBear already suggest few important links, those help you in future. :+1:

The tactics are same I think. Like other websites you can follow the same direction. Thanks!

Create some high DA authority links for your website, show google that are much trustworthy to rank in SERPs.

DA (Domain Autthority) and PA (Page Authority) are metrics created and used by Moz to estimate how well a site or page might perform in search results. They are not used by any search engine, so Google will not regard links as “trustworthy” because they have a high DA.

Good quality content important in SEO. Ones you complete on page work then focus only the off page.

It depends upon how well you have incorporated your targeted keywords. Concentrate on meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, and make sure your page loading speed is in good condition. Then you will get some good results. I have received third page results within 10 days.

Good keyword technique and content is best way to improve your traffic. Content is King! So make sure you do a fine quality content and not use those spinned and refined article.

contents are the most important, I didn’t do it well, but I’m trying make my best contents, and then do the links’ work.

Hello all,

I have tried all organic SEO methods to increase traffic and SERP for my website, its been 3 months and there is no improvement for the main keywords like “website template”.

Kindly give me some ideas to pick up in Google ranking.

@templateskore: I have merged this post into your existing topic, as it is a continuation of the same discussion.

As I mentioned before, if you are in a highly-competitive niche, which it seems you are, then you will find it harder to rank highly. There are already a good number of well-established and well-trusted sites that you will need to compete with.

Rather than competing directly, maybe you should look for some way to differentiate yourself from other sites. Concentrate on templates aimed at a particular business sector, or lightweight, fast-loading templates - anything which will make your business stand out from the thousands of others offering similar products.

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This is a very good piece of advice. It’s also worthwhile remembering that if you’re operating in highly competitive market, all those people you’re trying to rank higher than, will be doing the same thing as you. Make sure you focus on high quality content and then backlink, backlink, backlink.

I agree with you…and i tried that techniques as well,thank you :heart_eyes:

If your site in wordpress, then you can use YoastSEO plugin for SEO suggestion of your page and post content. You easily solved your on-page SEO by using the plugin.