SEO for website developed in html 5?

I have a single page website developed in html 5 for which i want to bring ranking in search engines, could you guys suggest something unique for its seo ? Well i am trying to do good with conventional seo strategies, any additional or specific suggestions ?


Try some unique content. :wink:

(The type of HTML you are using is not relevant.)

It doesn’t matter you use HTML 4.01 or 5. Just follow the regular guidelines.

You should start with On Page Optimization of your site. On Page Optimization will include Title Tag, Meta Description, Internal Linking, Proper use of Header Tags, Image and ALT Tags. The more important thing which you should concentrate on is Good Quality Content.

Then comes Link Building. You can start Link Building by doing guest posting on blogs and linking back to your site. Create local social media profiles and submit your site to directories. You should also link your website to your google plus account. After doing all this you can use professional link building and seo services.

If you are new to SEO, then you might be interested to invest some time in learning and experimenting before attempting to market the site by yourself. The other option is to hire a professional agency if you have a good budget to spare.

Generally speaking, the programming language and HTML version is absolutely not relevant to SEO.

A Quick SEO Workout Plan can be found below:

  1. Learn the On-Page SEO Factors.
  2. Learn how to speed up your site.
  3. Learn how to get high quality backlinks from relevant sites.
  4. Investigate and build your name around social media websites.
  5. Scale, promote and be open minded to all kinds of Internet Marketing not just organic search results.

On top of all that, be aware that your unique content would be the reason for your success and nothing else really. Focus on your audience and the rest will fall in place.

All the Best!