SEO for prestashop

I’ve been using prestashop lately and i really like the CMS. But since i’m not familiar with this platform, i wanted to ask how you guys SEO your prestashop sites? Thanks!

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Is prestashop installed inside Wordpress or seperatley? If inside WP, You may try All in one plugin. It is specialized in seo for e-commerce site. Not sure if yoast does seo for e-commerce sites which otherwise is a good plugin. Check <snip> for features of both the plugins

Prestashop is very easy to use especially for SEO. You place where you can insert meta descriptions, keywords and even the title page.

if you want to have a eshop with wordpress, try woocommerce. Prestashop is a different world

Using joomla but prestashop. Joomla is different, requiring different preparation to do a complete site especially on e-commerce, in exchange for free from Prestashop platform has a lot of modules already available there and ready to do its job, easy to use in my opinion . If you want a free platform and ready to do their job here without the headaches using a Prestashop 1.4 templates ready for free and have a well done site ready to handle successfully. There you can find good text editors, SEO optimization, a lot of tools with which you can do the job.

Is not so ok this cms, i’ve used … But i’m thinking seriously to change it to WordPress… WP is the best on SEO…

Prestashop modules that are appropriate by you after any issues. In actuality there are abounding ecommerce ventures affective auspiciously about the apple by authoritative use of the technology effectively. with the ability of tagging through SEO, this accurate arrangement offers affluence in clarification on the base of manufacturer, blush and amount separately.

Quite Frankly use PrestaShop SEO. This PrestaShop module automatically creates metas information. This is helpful in increasing website traffic and SERP’s rank.

Be sure to set the settings ( Admin panel ) in the SEO URL Rewrite Enabled

Thanks to all who contributed.

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