Seo for multicountry website

How to promote single .com domain website for all countries? What are the content and on page technique for this and most important which location to select . under Google webmaster tool.

For this, when I do keyword research in google, I would set the country into those that I am targeting. I am not sure how you’d do this in the webmaster tool. For On-page SEO, you just have to optimize using the countries as keywords you are targeting.

As per Google’s latest updates:

  1. At first you should use some quality content pages in your website. And the content should be written in Native English-tone.
  2. You must do some Quality Graphics & designings (onsite SEO) for your site.
  3. Do some quality link-building for site in : a. High PR Article directories ; b. WEB2 sites ; c. Press release directories; d. Social Bookmarkings ; e. RSS etc.
  4. Posting Articles in sites like: ezinearticles , hubpages & creation of Squidoo Lense - will be very effective for you too.
  5. You must use social media networks like: Facebook, Twitter , Linked In, Google+ to promote your site.

so do some best jobs with all the methods, I’ve described & watch the result within few days!

You need both short and long term strategies, from key words to content, backlinks, shared content, blogs, social media, and country specific domains (sub-domains) - to name but a few suggestions. Personally, I would try to target one market or channel, and avoid trying to take on high ranking key words. Planning for the long term is essential as this doesn’t happen over night, it may take several years to achieve top spots.

You have two option either you can create sub-domain according to targeted countries and link them from main domain and for seo target sub-domain to ranking in that location. another way is, if you do not want to buy sub-domain and stick to domain then you can create directories according to country and create pages, content, keywords research based on the location and target those pages for that country.

According to Google’s guidelines,

Are you sure this advice is in line with Google’s latest updates? Quality content is certainly important, but I’d be interested to know on what you’re basing the rest of your recommendations, as several of them seem contrary to Google’s current guidelines.

  • Yes Sir, I’m sure about it!
    As, we’re SEO & SEM Service providers.
    And, Without doing Link-building, how can you promote your site in web!?

As per Google’s Original T&C , they always recommend to build up General Links(not rapidly) in whitehat methods. But, if you’re following their T&C 100% then it’ll take 2-5years to get a proper result. But it’s also true when you’ll the result with following all their instructions 100%, your result will also last long.

I’ve some example sites & blogs too, but I can’t share that here. You can contact me personally for more info.

Make different page for different country, and promote particular page country wise, and define your geographic area in dot com