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I have four website, but the problem is that the content of all four website’s are same. All content are taken from different-different website. I am doing the SEO for two website from last 2 months, I am not getting the result. Can anyone help me?

Why do you have four sites with the same content? What are you trying to achieve?

You will not be able to get four identical sites to rank well in the search engines. They’re basically competing against each other. Google will choose one to show and ignore the others. And if, as you say, the content is itself taken from other sites, then the chances are that these sites will be the ones to rank, as they have the original content.

Is your site some kind of aggregator? Do you have permission to use the content from these other sites? If not, then you may face take-down notices at best, or legal action at worst, for infringement of copyright.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say

[quote=“christjerry413, post:1, topic:108498”]
I am doing the SEO for two website from last 2 months
[/quote]What exactly have you been doing? What techniques have you employed to get your sites to rank? As I’ve said, I don’t think you have much chance of success without original content.

I would highly recommend that you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which will give you a good grounding in the right way to approach SEO.


Which techniques you have been using for the website is important. Although the website has duplicate but there are different strategy link canonical which can be applied when you are using duplicate content.

Using canonical links will allow you to choose which URLs you would prefer to appear in the search results, rather than leaving it to Google to decide. It won’t let you promote all four sites. And again, if the content of these sites has been taken from elsewhere, they are unlikely to rank well against the original site.

But without more information from christjerry413, we’re really just guessing at what’s going on.

Content plays an essential role to get boost your website, as you have mentioned using same content in multiple sites. It means you are using spamy content, the possibilities get high to get penalty. So you need to be very careful regarding content of any website. Make sure that content should be unique and relevant to the site, and then within few weeks, then website gets rank.

The reason behind your not getting rank well is that simply because it is" duplicate content"…Duplicate content never escape from the Googla panda updates and never get raking well…So, change your web content immediately … use fresh and unique content for each websites.

Your sites should have something valuable, if the 4 websites are similar, you are contributing nothing to the WWW. I assume, you are trying to improve some EMDs, simply it will not work. Create websites with unique and multimedia content, you can improve the ranking.

Sometimes you get business owners that think that having 4 domains with the same content will allow the business to claim the top 4 rankings, or dominate the SERPs, and hire some SEO to achieve this for them (I’ve been there). Such business owners need to be educated.

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Google panda check the duplicate content and if your donot remove it than your site is get penalty from google panda. Remove duplicate contect for good mrank in Search engine.

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