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No seo category? Anyway i’m converting my pdfs to html. I finally found a way that works perfect (aka pdf2htmlEX). My two options are putting the entirety into one file and it being file-with-keywords.html. Or putting it in its separate file and images and css and js and svg and everything else within its folder and naming the main file index.html and linking to file-with-keywords/.

so file-with-keywords/



I know it prob matters little. But I have the option so I mine as well choose best. Mind you the .html (all in one file) is quite large as it puts all the data img in there and the js and the svg and css). So it would forseable take google a while to get to the text. I would like to know how google does that. Does it read through a 2000 character data img and then do the rest only to then say ok you just used up your google. Or does google skip over all the bullshiit code until it gets to the real text.

It all depends on, how your website is built? These days, most websites are built with a cms platform like WordPress. If you’re not using a cms system, it doesn’t matter where you put your file. It still going to have a .html or . htm extension. Work on reducing the image sizes so the page can load faster. I suggest moving your website wordpress.

TK Pitts

thanks bud. or /. Meh I have like 4 wordpress sites. And about 4 stand alone sites. I agree most likely work on reducing the file size.

The Marketing forum is generally used for SEO questions.
Just moved you there.

I think the SEO impact is minimal. But personally I prefer extensionless. It’s more user friendly and also future-proofs the urls, if you change to .php or .asp you don’t have to worry about extensions.

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