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(No, i’m not a mentor, so I can invent a game without there being any enforceable quality to it :stuck_out_tongue: )


  • As you write your post into this forum, keep track of the number of spaces you either type the word of or subject you broach. Your post must contain as many paragraphs as the number of spaces marked to qualify for posting.

  • If you ever complete a Bingo on this board, stop what you’re doing, abandon/delete the post, and use the search button in the top right (or your eyes on the thread list). Your post is not original enough to qualify for posting.

I can’t even play this game. :blush:

  • I don’t understand first rule, is this a space?
  • Second, there are no posts to search yet?
  • Can I keep the post if I shout Bingo in error?

I think this game belongs in the Community forum. :slight_smile:

1: I’m unsure if joking or serious. If serious I dont actually know how to explain bingo to you.
2: That’s why this post was put into the Marketing forum. It’s a comment on the posts in there.
3: If you shout out loud, that’s on you.

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  1. I know Bingo. I was serious. Still need clarification. :blush:

  2. I see. If it becomes educational it might fit the marketing forum, I think. :slight_smile:

  3. To play the game, do I have to post these terms in next suitable topic or can I search the SEO forum and refer to a post that would complete a Bingo?


Please explain in plain English.

If I understand correctly, it’s a play on buzzword bingo where you’re making fun of all the “experts”

I can play that. :smiley:

But the rule says I can’t post such if it completes a Bingo?

That is plain English. Which part of the sentence are you having trouble with?

The point was… “before you push the ‘post’ button, is your post worthy to be posted, or are you repeating the same inane buzzword-filled drivel that helps noone/asks the same question as the last 50 posts you haven’t bothered to read the titles of let alone the contents”

Then it’s not a game I can play, is it?

… I’m not sure why you’ve decided to hijack and make the thread completely about you, but, i suppose not if you’re not posting buzzword-laden nothingness into the Marketing forum, which is what the thread was about.

Sorry, I didn’t see the irony.

No offense intended, apparently read the topic too literally.

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