SEO and Adsense considerations for a search engine site

Hi there,

I’m launching a site similar to, basically its a search engine of files with all the content auto-generated by my own crawler that fills the databases.
The question here is how google see this type of sites, they have dozen of millions of pages with download links… are they likely to be banned? how adsense plays on this?
This type of sites can be very usefull for users but how we let google not to tag them as spam sites?

I apreciate any help on the topic.

Don’t spam and you won’t get tagged as spam. That includes no viruses which infect users computer too FYI.

The problem is that I don’t fully control the content of the site, its a search engine.

As a general rule, Google doesn’t usually like to refer people to other search results, but wants to send them straight to the actual content.