Sending URL parameters redirects to the homepage

Hi everyone.
Since this morning I have a problem.

I can no longer send URL parameters through form, GET or POST.
As you can see in this test page, the code is very simple:

<form method = "post">
<input type = "text" name = "fbgdbh" />
<input type = "submit" />
</ form>

There is nothing else on the page.
Now if you try to insert a text in the fbgdbh input the form works fine,but if you insert an url like in the fbgdbh input, the website redirect you to the homepage.
I’ve tryed using the exact same code in another web site and everything works as normal .
I think it’s something in the hosting settings (but both of my sites use Netsons hosting).

Until yesterday everything worked, now suddenly no more.
What can I do?

Sorry for my english, and thanks you all

Thanks to those who want aiutarmi…sto crazy

The form should have an action attribute stating the url to process the data.
If you need the data putting into a url variable you need to use the get method, not post.

Also, the form should be within a valid html page, with a doctype, html, head and body tags.


You should do it in following way

Hi, thank you but this is not the problem.
If I don’t specify the action, it will be this same page.

Anyway I’ve tryed to specify the action and the problem persist.

Do you want this URL that is in Placeholder or what…? i didn’t get your question properly. But if your problem is to navigate the user to some other page by selecting or typing any alphabet from the given code then i think you need this…

Hi, Nice SO finding.

Though it seems @publi88 changed the link target. Maybe he doesn’t have the problem any longer?

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