Sending Traffic from a Youtube Video to Tech Blog is Good or Bad?

I have some videos related with Film and Entertainment on youtube, with daily views of 5000+… I tested many a time by placing links in description to get traffic on sites, and I also be successful in getting 500+ views… and now I’m thinking to add my blog URL in description using to get traffic on my blog. But is it good way for getting traffic from these type of videos which are not related with blog niche? I know it will increase bounce rate and average time on site…but will give some more traffic. So, is it ethical in SEO or not??

What’s the point? Why try to trick people into visiting a site they’re unlikely to have any interest in?

If you want to link to your technical blog, then why not do it openly, rather than try to conceal the URL? then those who really are interested can make an informed decision to visit the site, and any resulting traffic will be relevant.

Putting masked links to non-relevant sites seems to me to be a sure-fire way to teach your YouTube audience that you’re untrustworthy, and make them dubious of following any link you post.

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Great advice bro @TechnoBear, I also thinks same…thats y never try it my own blog, which is already ranked good and got sitelinks from google in serp.

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