Sending form data from one form to another

Exactly as the subject says, something like twitter does for their signup, if you input some data on that initial signup form and click signup, that data will carry over to the other form, I’d like to know how to do that.

well it can be done in many ways…
way 1:simplest
form1 —post to form 2 (have values of form 1 as hidden or show it)—>then finally insert all into database once…

2:use some javascript to divide form into parts…it seems as form is separate forms but in fact it is one form divided into many sections and javascript shows things in turn or tab

3:use session variables(not recommended)

4:form 1—insert to table—>form 2—update the table–>form 3—update

can be other ways too…

just to get things started.

Thank you! I didn’t know any way to do it. (beginner programmer here)

Ok go through these


Sorry for directing to tutorial pages.

But even if i write it may be almost same or it may not be that comprehensive…
so one rule of the programming ,dont reinvent the wheel…