Send emails


i’m working on a CMS and I got to the point where you have to send emails, at which point I blocked.

I tried various ways to send emails and reach the inbox in Gmail and Windows Live or Yahoo but I failed.

All along I need a plugin that supports sending emails with normal and SMTP.

I have a host from godaddy where I try to send, host to me and left a bitter taste when it comes to emails.

Can recommend someone a script or a way to send emails as ok and reach the inbox of your favorite:))

Thanks in advance.

I’ve always used Swift Mailer.


I have try phpmailer but i fail to make it work.

I send you a pm siemen . Thanks

“Reach the inbox” is the difficult portion.

PHPMailer is a good class to use if you’re looking for some of the more advanced features without needing to learn the ins and outs of email formats.

I’m using PHPMailer on my portals, I highly recommend you this script. If you will have some problems with configuration, send me pw, good luck.

Thank you everybody. I change my hosting and now is work perfect.