Send automatic email by date HELP!

HI everyone,

This is my first post and I will try to be clear as possible.

My client would like to store a code for each customer that they have, the code expiry’s after x amount of months, and my client wants me to build a system that stores the “customers name, the code, expiry date and a reminder date”.
the system has to flag up visually on screen for the client to see when a customers reminder date is current date or passed, plus this needs to send a e-mail reminder to the customer.

So far I have developed a MySql database to store the information, I have developed a website that displays a table of information and allows the user to edit or delete, and the user can add a new customer.

Could someone please help me write a script that will check the current date every day and then email the customer a reminder? and how I can I get it to run on the server side?

I my mind this is what I want to do,

Check today’s date
Store date in a variable ($var)
then run Sql query to find customers where reminder date is = to $var
then store results in a array
then for each customer in the array send a reminder e-mail.

I would really appreciate your help.

With a cronjob (Linux) or Scheduled Task (Windows).


Thank you for the reply,

Igot cron job set up with my webhost just need to figure out how to write the php script to send the e-mail, for each customer.

best use an existing mailing library, e.g.

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If the expiry date is in the table you could have a query to select all customers X days before that date to send the reminder.

"SELECT id, name, email, code, whateverElse FROM customers WHERE expiryDate = DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 10 DAY)"

So run daily on a cron job, this would select all customers who’s expiry date is in 10 days time.
You then just need to send the emails to the results.


Hi guys

Just and update, I have managed to send an email with a cronjob, but now I am trying to connect to the database and run a query to select all That match current date (todays date) then to send a email to each user from the results of the query.

I doesn’t seem to be working here is my code:`


$currentDate =  date('Y-m-d'); //corrected

$host_name = "";
$database = "";
$user_name = "";
$password = "";

$dbcon = mysqli_connect($host_name, $user_name, $password, $database);
if($dbcon->connect_error) die($dbcon->connect_error);

$remind_query = "SELECT forename, email From Bridges30 WHERE expiry = '$currentDate'">
$run = mysqli_query($dbcon, $remind_query);

	$to = $parEmail;
    $subject = "Code 30 Reminder";
    $txt = "Hi ".$parForename."\nJust a reminder that your code 30 will expiry on the".$parExpiry.",\n"
	            ."Please renew your code\n"."\nThank You"."\nBridges Nursery";
    $headers = "From:";


Any Ideas

How does this work?
Maybe what yo meant to have was more like:-

$currentDate = date('Y/m/d');

or rather:-

$currentDate = date('Y-m-d');

…which is the correct format for an sql date field.

Or you could simply use NOW() in the query to match today’s date.

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Thanks totally missed That!

I have change that and I am still not receiving emails when I test the cron job?

Thank you.

Here, you run a query to return two columns from the database table:

$remind_query = "SELECT forename, email From Bridges30 WHERE expiry = '$currentDate'">

and here, you try to use the fifth column as the to-address:

$to = $parEmail;
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Hi Guys,

Just an update I manage to get it working and I thought I would share my the code.


$currentDate = date('Y-m-d'); //this will get the current date ie when this was posted 2107-07-06

$host_name = "  ";
$database = "  ";
$user_name = "  ";
$password = "  ";

    $dbcon = mysqli_connect($host_name, $user_name, $password, $database); //connect to database
    if($dbcon->connect_error) die($dbcon->connect_error);

	  $remind_query1 = "SELECT * FROM Bridges30 WHERE reminder= '$currentDate' "; //Sql query to find users that reminders dates match current date.
	if($run1 = $dbcon->query($remind_query1))
	 $rows = $run1->num_rows;
      for ($j = 0; $j < $rows; ++$j)//loop through each user in results and send a reminder email.
      	$row = $run1->fetch_array(MYSQLI_NUM);
      	$to = $row[4]; //gets the user email address 
          $subject = "Code 30 Reminder";
          $message = "Hi ".$row[1]."\nJust a reminder that your code 30 will expiry on the ".$row[6].",\n"
      	            ."Please renew your code\n"."\nThank You"."\nBridges Nursery";
        $headers = "From: Bridges Nursery";

hope this helps?


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