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I have just acquired a .com domain that I want to sell. It is location and business type specific, so I was going to contact some businesses who may be interested in purchasing the domain. The domain was purchased for a client who now doesn’t want it as they have changed their business focus. However it is likely to be a popular domain locally. Can anyone suggest a third party service who would manage the transaction?

You could try Flippa (a SitePoint business).

Thanks, Flippa looks good, but as my domain is very location and industry specific, I believe that I would get a better response and price by contacting businesses direct. However, what I need is a third party to manage the transaction. I don’t know if such a thing exists, in which case I’ll go back and look at Flippa as the listing price is pretty low.

You could place it on Flippa and then contact businesses, I suppose. I’m not much of a fan of cold calling, but I guess if you are game, then good luck!

It sounds like you’re looking for a domain broker. Most brokers will only work with domains worth over $10,000 since they (usually) work on commission. Domain valuation is a tricky, tricky game — you can try listing it on Flippa’s domain appraisal tool (doesn’t commit you to a sale).

My advice would be to list the domain on a site like Flippa (they have a domain portfolio option) so the domain is listed somewhere, then contact local businesses yourself.

Just a bit of terminology pedantry — a TLD is what comes after the dot (for example, .com, .net or .ca). If you were selling a whole TLD, that would be an entirely different matter :wink:

Disclaimer, I worked at Flippa prior to joining SitePoint, and I worked in domain and website sales for several years.


Thanks folks, I’ve gone for Flippa’s domain appraisal tool, and will probably list it on there as this seems to be the least hassle.

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