Selling Photos Online

My uncle has some photos that he would like to sell online. I am looking for a user friendly approach to this.

I have looked at sites like Shopify and SmugMug but wanted to get a feel from others on here before I go ahead with anything for him. Perhaps SquareSpace could handle this too?

Would you know of a site that can handle everything from the hosting, the domain name if he chooses to purchase one, and one that won’t nickel and dime to death every month?

Any suggestions?


Are you selling digital downloads or prints of the photos?

Can you trial any of their services to get some first-hand experience?


Have you sold the photographs? What feedback did you got after selling them? is a good start.
It depends of what you sell for: print, stock, portrait
There are few categories to consider that require a different approach.

  1. Stock websites require a subscription and you will need to provide samples and complain with their own rules (they have own quality checks) so, you can also create a WordPress and promote it.
    This is the hard way.

  2. eBay (some quality pictures may have success)

  3. From