Selling Email List

Is there a service out there i can sell a list to?

You can rent lists, not sell them. Pls do the former.

If you cant sell your list, ad swaps could be an option (for instance: “Ad swap is a process in which two list owners agree to email each others offer to their email lists.”

Why on earth would you want to sell your user’s email addresses? Does your privacy policy give you the rights to do anything like this?

Unless you sell the list to someone that already has a relationship with everyone on the list (in which case they ought to already have the email addresses) then any emails they send to your list would be spam.

The question is who would want to buy an email address list when you can’t send emails to the list without spamming. What other use could be made of the list without sending any emails?

It isn’t illegal to sale a list, nor is it an uncommon action. Look for people who purchase personal data. There are a lot of companies that will buy it.

You could also try to sell the list to people that sell products and services in your niche.


I’ve sold hundreds of lists without a single complaint from a user or buyer. I also never placed it in my “privacy policy”.

Maybe you should tell your buyers this, how do you think they will respond?

What’s your point. How likely do users sue? I’ve sold hundreds of lists without a single complaint from a user or buyer. I also never placed it in my “privacy policy”.

Most of this advice borders on the “ethical” line. In reality plenty of business sell user data. The government? Are you serious? When do you hear about the government busting businesses for buying email addresses or not following the “Spam Act” laws. The answer is RARELY.


It’s not illegal but if your privacy policy doesn’t cover it it may get you sued by users or your government. Selling data requires a lot of forethought.

Also if the buyer uses it to send emails then they will be a spammer (at least if they live in a country with decent anti-spam laws).

The most likely issue though will be as you suggest - a breach of privacy laws if the addresses are sold without the owners’s permission (as specified in the privacy policy that they agreed to before providing the email address)

Its illegal to sell list bro dont do it :slight_smile:

Anybody here wants to sell a list of credit card numbers of his customers? Or, maybe there is a doctor here, who would let me peak at his patients’ medical histories? :slight_smile:

Wise words, don’t do it, it’s wrong and immoral and unethical.