Select record between two dates with Mysql

Hi people!!!

I have a tble who have a date field (name’s field: renovation), I want know the renovation dates between two dates, example.

I have a record with the renovation field: 2007-03-01

I Use the follow string:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE ‘renovation’ BETWEEN (‘2007-01-01’) and (‘2007-10-01’)

The query don’t show any error, but don’t select the record.

Where is my error?

From now, thank you very much for any help.

Because the string “renovation” is not a date, and doesn’t fall between any dates. Single quotes are used around string literals in MySQL. There’s also no reason for the parentheses around the date strings.

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE renovation BETWEEN '2007-01-01' AND '2007-10-01'

It works!!! thank you very much Dan Grossman.