Seeking Your Reviews for Herbs and Beauty Blog


I’d love to hear your thoughts on my herbs and beauty blog. Check it out and share your feedback on content, user experience, and design.


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The carousels throw me off a bit… multiple carousels directly next to each other, one of which snaps back to the left, and the other that infinitely loops to the right, but has a selector underneath it that snaps it back and forth…

Your “Trending” scroller contains 5 items; 4 of them constitute the main carousel immediately below it… so what’s the point of it?

You’ve got a lot of categories that contain nothing. While I understand the site is new and content still being developed, but… that many empty categories makes it stand out that you dont have that content. May want to prune some of the categories until you’ve fleshed it out more.

Your Facebook says you’re in Ontario Canada. Your LinkedIn says you’re in the UK and then gives your job title in French, your website says you’re in the UK and lists a UK phone number. Your Instagram account ends in “.us”. Your Terms and Conditions say your governing law is the US law. Where in the world ARE YOU?

Your Privacy Policy says you collect Cookies, but you do not provide a Cookie authorization up front. You may be in violation of EU policy directives.


Are diabetes and RSV relevant to herbs and beauty?

Also be VERY careful calling anything “Medical Guidance” if you’re not a licensed medical professional… your little one liner at the bottom of the article may not be sufficient.

hi! I think it’s a really cool layout and i love the colours and the stylistic choices! great job!

one thing i’ve noticed thought is like…the abundance of white spaces everywhere? i.e. in the header itself, perhaps it would be better to bring the footer ‘herbs and beauty’ design up top? and then the white spaces between elements seem just a lil too wide

that’s just my opinion though! all in all i love the clean and concise look of the website! what language did you use?

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