Seeking a PHP Framework With Small Learning Curve, Boilerplate Pages

I am looking for a PHP framework (WIMP) that has a small learning curve. Like most web applications, I will need a login page, welcome page, forgot password, etc but do not want to reinvent the wheel. Is there a PHP framework available that already has templates for these common pages? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

How about this ?

@TeNDoLLA, could you please explain what it is about this framework that you like and feel would fulfill the OP’s requirements. One thing in particular I was wondering about was whether it has the page templates out-of-the-box that were listed.

For example, I would suggest CodeIgniter as having a fairly easy learning curve, but special pages like login pages still need to be built, they are not ready-made. Although there are many good tutorials out there or scripts that will aid in the process.

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I like the minimalistic presence it has (nothing extra unless you need it). I haven’t really made a “huge web site” type of app with it but I did once tests with the templates (used PHP-view templates) and they worked. You install a template component (of your choice) via composer: and use it.

What I have done with it for real use is couple of REST APIs and for that purpose it was more than great (kinda off topic). Anyway you can easily install components for stuff like templates, caching, CSRF protection etc via composer when you need them.

What I would suggest is that OP goes through the “User Guide” provided in their page. It shouldn’t take too long and if he feels it does not fulfill his prerequisites then dump the idea of using Slim.

What comes to boilerplate ready made “templates” for login / welcome page / lost password page there is plenty of examples in the internet and you probably have to fork them a bit anyway to make them work with framework/templating you chose to use.

I do not really know if Laravel/Zend or similar frameworks has ready made templates for that kinda stuff. But what I know they are not the lightest frameworks.

CodeIgniter is fine too.

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