Seeking a good web host that supports PHP 5.4

I am looking for a web host that supports PHP 5.4 and also Perl and Python (with the option to install Django).

I found this host but I do not know if it is correct (have you ever used this host)

Do you know any cheap hosting which supports the requirements that I mentioned.

Thank you.

Not sure what your requirements are besides 5.4, but you could look at amazon web service, I believe they have a one year free of their small plan. You have to install everything yourself, they give you a virtual cloud server with your choice of OS.

Thank you, can you give me the link because I can not find the plan which you speak.
Do you have good experience with Amazon?

May we know your budget and webspace requirements?
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Small budget (between 4 to 44$ by monthly) and a minimum of 50 GB of space with about 1000 visitors a day (this will increase)

You are going to need a bigger budget. Anyways, you want either a dedicated server or VPS that allows you to install your own software (PHP 5.4, Python, etc.) That will cost a pretty penny.

Many would be surprised that not all hosts are supporting PHP 5.4 at this point. You could get by with a managed VPS and that way you may not have to install it yourself if the host provides support for that through their managed VPS packages, and many do. VPS hosting is actually more affordable than many think. I also suggest that you find a true hosting company. Amazon is kind of like Godaddy in that they started out offering one thing but now they provide many products instead of one, like hosting. Seek out a specialized company for your hosting and you will find the process and services are much more stream lined and reliable.

Webfaction proposes the installation of Django and [URL=“”]PHP 5.4 but I’m a bit skeptical.
Have you worked with this company.
Is it reliable?

In php 5.4 features like register_globals, magic_quotes and safe_mode are no longer available for instance, which might break sites depending on them. Please have look at before choosing php 5.4

Yes I know,
I am looking for just a web host that supports PHP 5.4 because my applications are not compatible with lower versions of 5.4

Though php 5.4 has released it hasn’t been included yet by cPanel, Plesk etc. cPanel team is still working on php 5.4 to remove any possible QA issues before they include it in their latest release. For more details you can have look at

I also found but do not know if it is well…