Security Groups at AWS?

I’m trying to use up my year of free tier use before it expires at Amazon… but I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the options at AWS that can be chosen before launching an instance, just to be uncertain of how it’s affected anything.
I’ve created a security group with certain privileges but when I log into the server the UFW isn’t even on, much less have any rules enabled… so where is the security group taking effect. Is that a wrapper around AWS network before I even get to my server? Is that not cause confusion with debugging later? I don’t know if I’m looking for a setting in the server where I’d normally find it or if I need to change something in their UI?

Yes, they are rules for your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Basically firewall rules for your part or the network within AWS. It allows you to specify which servers are allowed to communicate and how. This is mostly useful for large setups with lots of servers. It usually doesn’t make sense if you only have a few servers.

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