Secure Connection Failed : Firefox 85.0.2. (64-bit)

Wasn’t sure which category to put this in, but I’ve been getting a “secure connection failed” when clicking on Holly’s Horrorland from my blog :frowning: . Why is this?

Could you please try to see if it happens for you as well?

Is this the link in question…

and what to do here my dears.

…if so, it worked OK for Firefox/Windows 7.

If not???


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Hi there @coothead . If you mean my blog in question, then yes. Sigh, been trying to reply from phone, but stupid thing did not have the Reply link. It sometimes does though…weird. Anyways, yes my blog is the link in question.

In order to be a secure connection your site would need an https protocol.

Your currently using an http protocol.

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@Ray.H ok. Since it’s my friend’s website, there’s nothing I can do.

I can try to ask her if she can change it to https if it helps?

Hey @ladans37, to fix this error out you need to ask the website owner to update their TLS version to version that is still current and secure. The minimum TLS version is allowed by default is 1.2 TLS, in firefox version 78.

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Hi, @alicestephen . Ok, how do they do this?

Your friend would need a valid SSL certificate for her site. The easiest way to arrange this is probably through her hosting provider.

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@TechnoBear so telling her to change it to https won’t rid the problem? Thought that’s all she needs to do.

If there is a valid SSL certificate for her site, she should be able to use the https protocol. However, that gives an error message, stating there is a problem.

I would therefore suggest she should contact her hosting company - or wherever she obtained the SSL certificate - to sort it out.

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So she needs to get the valid SSL certificate for her site?