Secondary Navigation Menu not displaying in Mobile

I am using Genesis Prose Theme for my blog ( On a mobile phone, only Primary Navigation Menu (Top Menu) is displayed but Secondary Navigation Menu (Center Menu) is missing. How do I get Center Menu to display on mobile? Please advice. Thanks.

What mobile device? I shrinked the screen on my computer to match mobile size but nothing disappeared. Your site doesn’t even appear to be responsive. I’d recommend fixing some of these errors. There are a lot.

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My homepage is not displaying mobile responsive but if you click on a blogpost, it is displayed mobile responsive. Since I’m not a technical guy, can you pinpoint any error specifically for the mobile responsiveness and the menu not displaying? And thanks for your response.

As I said in my previous post, I need to know what device this is. There are hundreds of devices. Is it every device? Just one?

I checked my blog on my android smartphone for the problem.

Your Javascript is causing this. I disable Javascript on my phone and it appears. I’m moving this to the Javascript section so they can help you out.

In the mean time, remove your <script> files one by one until you identify what script it is. Then let us know what your findings are.

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