Searching for Facebook Business Page - Users searching wrong name, suggestions?

Hello Community,

I manage a home developer FB page let’s call “Eastern Homebuilders”. After multiple customers told me they were not been able to find my page using FB search, I discovered they were searching for “Eastern Home Builders” (typing “Home Builders” as two words instead of one). Any suggestions on how to connect users searching for us using the incorrect name?

My initial idea was to create a second page called “Eastern Home Builders” and then merge it with my actual page. Would doing this retain “Eastern Home Builders” in the search so that my actual page would show up?

In other words, after the merge would “Eastern Homebuilders” appear when users searched for “Eastern Home Builders” because the pages were merged?

The alternative to this would be to create and leave the second page, with a single post directing users to the correct FB page. However this method seems pretty clunky and clearly less than ideal.

I can’t think of any other solutions outside of changing our page name to “Eastern Home Builders” but seeing as that is not our actual business name, this again is not an ideal solution.

Apologies if this has been addressed, I searched and could not find answer. I tried posting on the Facebook community, but previous experience leads me to I won’t get any help there.

If anyone knows of any good Facebook Business specific forums (outside of the official FB community), that would be helpful as well!

Thanks for any advice you can offer!


That might well be your best bet though.

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