Can some one tell me few suggestions for accurately searching things on Google?:x

hi, visit below link, it contain help regarding searching on google

some basic tips are:-

Search for an exact word or phrase “search query” Use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words.
Tip: Only use this if you’re looking for a very precise word or phrase, because otherwise you could be excluding helpful results by mistake.

Exclude a word -query Add a dash (-) before a word or site to exclude all results that include that word. This is especially useful for synonyms like Jaguar the car brand and jaguar the animal.
Tip: You can also exclude results based on other operators, like excluding all results from a specific site.

Include a “fill in the blank” query * query Use an asterisk (*) within a query as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms. Use with quotation marks to find variations of that exact phrase or to remember words in the middle of a phrase. “a * saved is a * earned”