Search form help needed

Hello there

Im about to finish my website and it is almost fully established. I just stuck with specific issue. I want to put search form into website menu, right next to the training button, to get website more usable for visitors.

The point is - well css is not my strength :slight_smile: Iā€™m just doing an seo. So my question is - is it possible for any of you, to suggest me necessary code to implement to achive me intention.

Another part of my question is - is it possible to make this search form visible for mobiles users also.

Can I please a any suggestions or reccomendation? My domain is

Could you be so kind any view my sourc code, and get any tip about search form?

You might want to look at Zoom for your search engine. Depending on how many pages you have the free option might work for you.

You might also want to run your site through the validator and fix the problems found.

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