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Now that I worked out how to compile the database and upload it to the server, I am ready to start thinking ABOUT what is involved in designing a search facility to be included in the site that will involve a dual drop-down list (Country > City) which will send a query to the database and will return a list of Providers in the country/city chosen

I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction, I need somehting to start with.

Many thanks

With dual drop-down list you mean two drop downs? Or just one that will show the country, city combination?

Edit: Isn’t this topic duplicated? Search database

Please make sure which language you are using for doing this. I mean MYSQL with PHP or other.


The other thread was about connecting to a database. That has been resolved and I moved on. As for this thread, things have changed also. Now, I decided that drop-down lists will be too cumbersome for mobiles and changed my mind to try for search boxes. my problem now is that I need to find a way to limit the user’s entry to a list (countries), i.e. if the entry does not match, it will not be accepted. An autocompletion facility would help also.

What do I need for this? Javascript?

The database in the server is in MySQL and I expect that the script to do the search will be php. I am leaving that for the end.


Thinking again, maybe I don’t need anything now, except a php script. The validity of the entries in the search boxes could be the first stage of the php script, before sending the query to the database.

If you could comment on this, and if it is so I will close this thread and start a fresh one in the php forum

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