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Is there a free tool somewhere, where you type in a phrase or a word, plus the domain name and it then tells you where you are in the search results for that phrase or word, and out of how many results?

Where you are in the search results depends on which search engine you’re using - and may vary between, for example,,,, etc - your location, whether or not you’re logged in, etc. It can vary from day to day, and from person to person.

I don’t know of any tool which claims to be able to tell you your position, but if one exists, remember it can only give you a rough guide at best.

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There are some browser extensions that are free which will tells your position like SEOquake. Try it out and see if it helps.

Do remember that, as @technobear says, you need to look at this information with a pinch of salt. It changes by the minute because there are many factors involved, which include increasing competition.

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try small seo tools, there you can enter the keyword and domain, it will give you the ranking for that keyword. Now if you want to see “out of how many results” then just google the keyword and it should show the total results.
hope this helps!

Thank you all for the great ideas. Much appreciated.

small seo tool is a good option to search the keywords indexed on Google as well as in bing & yahoo too .you search for your keywords up-to 10 pages of any search engine among the top three mentioned above, this tool is free of cost also.

You can use the Advance rank checker which give free reports.

Yha you can use small SEO tools for that. I think it is very powerful site.

SEO powersuite has free seo tool.

Thanks everyone

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