Search Engine Rankings Desktop vs Mobile

Hi everyone,

Bear with me as I’m new to SEO and am learning.

I have done a Google Page Speed Test and the results were:

Mobile: 72/100
Desktop: 89/100

I have been searching on a desktop on google certain terms and it ranks on the first page. But then when searching on a mobile on google i can’t see it on any of the search pages.

Would I be right in thinking that the 72/100 mobile rating is the reason it won’t rank on any of the pages or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

Is the site “Mobile Friendly”? Is it a RWD or have a separate mobile version?
These will affect mobile search ranking.
If you are not sure, try Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool.
It will tell you if each page complies with their mobile guidelines. If pages fail, that may be your issue.
I’m not sure how big a factor page speed is to search ranking, but this test affects mobile ranking specifically.

Thanks for your response, I tested my website on the “Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool” and this was the result, I am a bit unsure about the robots.txt, would this help my website rank better on a mobile device?

While it is good news that Google thinks your page is “Awesome”, this does not explain why the mobile search is ranking lower, you are not a victim of so-called Mobilegeddon.

It would depend on what those 5 blocked resources are, if they contained fundamental parts of the page content, it may affect you, but I don’t think the effect would be mobile specific.
I can’t say I’m an expert on mobile SEO, but I know there are factors that make mobile results differ from the desktop. Mobile friendly is one factor, but does not appear to be a problem in this case, but there are other factors, for example location. If you were in Manchester and used your mobile to search for a French restaurant, it would more likely come up with one a street or two away, rather than one in London which may rank higher overall. Linking the site with a Google business listing can help with local search.
Or perhaps it is the speed thing. There may be some resources that explain more fully how mobile serps differ from desktop and what are the major factors.

Ok, that all makes sense, thanks for the reply.

I have linked a google business page to the website and that does seem to help.

I just want to get these blocked resources sorted so they give me the best chance.

Thanks for you help. If anyone else has any ideas as how to block the resources I’d be very grateful

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