Search Case Sensitive SQL Column

I am looking for a value in a table and it show me other values which means case insensitive , how to make my search case sensitive
select * from mytable where columnvalue =“UPPERCASEONLY”
Thanks in advance

What database engine, and what version of the database engine?

I found this solution but I want to verify for all characters on column not only one letter


this solution does not account for characters outside the english alphabet. Do you need to handle non-latin characters?

only english alpahbet for the moment
I am also using PhpStorm to explore my database

Hi @ahmedchouihi,

It sounds to me like there is some other problem going on. Why are you storing the same exact data as all uppercase and mixed/lowercase? What problem are you trying to solve by getting only the uppercase versions of the data?

To answer the question as posted you would do the following. Depending on Collation and Character Sets involved, this may not work.

select * from mytable where BINARY columnvalue =“UPPERCASEONLY”

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