SCSS to CSS - Remote Automation?

I am familiar with IDEs such as Coda 2 and Sublime Text 3 for Mac and PC. I would like to be able to work directly on remote files (Coda is great for this), and have CodeKit (or something similar for PC) automate my SCSS to CSS conversions. In other words, as soon as I click save on the SCSS file, I would like my minified CSS file to also upload onto the server too.

Is there any way to do this? I have looked into Panic Tranmit, and remote drives are possible, but it is a pain to always manually connect to them upon reboot of the machine. Is there a more effective way to do this?


I’ve used both, and I love Sublime SFTP. It supports automatic syncing down when you open a file, automatic upload on save, and “watch” files (like watching the compiled stylesheet for changes). Of course, these and more are configurable.

If you version control, just make sure you .ignore the config file which is save in your working directory. It’s $20 with an unlimited and fully featured trial (it’ll ask you to buy every 20 saves or so).

The only issue I have found with Sublime SFTP is that it asks me to enter in my password (for the 1st time) every time I open up SublimeText and start working remotely. I like Coda for the ability to start working without remembering FTP passwords. Is there an easy way to make this work smoothly for Sublime SFTP too? The config file has the password, I’m not sure what else I can do to have SublimeText remember it.

Any suggestions?
Thank you,

Oh all you need to do is uncomment the password line. Here’s my setup:

"save_before_upload": true,         // Auto save any unsaved files when right-clicking in the sidebar
"upload_on_save": true,             // Auto upload everytime the file is saved. Right click the file and click "Watch" for compiled files (eg compiled stylesheets)
"sync_down_on_open": true,          // Auto download when opening a file. Especially important if you work from multiple computers
"sync_skip_deletes": false,         // 
"sync_same_age": true,              //
"confirm_downloads": false,         // Kinda annoying, so I turn it off
"confirm_sync": false,              // " "
"confirm_overwrite_newer": false,   // " "

"host": "***",      //
"user": "***",      //
"password": "***",  // Make sure you uncomment this line
//"port": "22",

"remote_path": "/public_html/", // Super important you get this right, otherwise you'll overwrite the wrong stuff

Update: OK, it works now. Strange. Thanks! :smile:

As for the SASS to CSS conversion, is there something that is compatible for SFTP automation through Sublime Text? I would like to be able to edit the SASS file directly on the server and have the minified CSS version of the output to be automated and saved to the server via each save.


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