Hi All,

I’m currently experimenting with SASS/SCSS and LESS in order to try and implement it into the development process at work. We’re are all on Windows and in order for it to be adopted, it’ll need to be easy to use - we’re currently limited on time for us all to get used to it, so the less change to our current process the better.

I’ve experimented using command line SCSS, the compass app and scout as well as winless for LESS, but there isn’t one that is standing out to me, so I was just wondering, what do you use (SASS/SCSS or LESS) and what environment do you use it in?

At the moment I’m leaning towards SCSS using either command line or scout as it will work in better with our folder structure, however I’m having a few issues with Scout performing 100% but I also think I’ll have more chance of it being adopted if we can use a GUI over command line.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve worked with .NET which used and a rails app that used SASS.

Personally I will continue to roll with the Rails defaults because they consistently make smart decisions about these types of things and I don’t have any objections to what I’ve used in SASS.

LESS and SASS are very similar from what I’ve seen so as long as you find a good DRY way of compiling it into CSS it doesn’t really matter.
If you’re using a back-end tech stack there’s probably options for precompiling assets before deploying the code.