Scrolling container

I have added a right-hand side column to my webpage layout and now I have the middle column (which is the main content) scrolling to the left to dispappear under the left-hand side column (which is a navigation column). Before, the main content did not display a horizontal scroll bar in the browser.

I have looked at this for hours, but I am obviously missing something, which I expect is quite simple!

Has anyone any ideas what I have done to cause this problem? The URL is:

I am viewing this in FireFox but it displays a similar behaviour in IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera - all on windows 7, 64 bit.

I used a work around - because I got fed up staring at the code and not being able to spot what was wrong!

Previous, I had the left navigation column as position:fixed; because I wanted the navigation to show no matter how far down vertically a user wanted to scroll.

I have changed it to position:relative; so now the entire display scrolls horizontally so no div container will scroll over another. I’ve lost my design aim, to keep the navigation fixed in the display, but I may come back to the problem at a later time when my mind is not so numb and view it through fresh eyes :sick:

Awesome. How’d you do it? (for the benefit of other folks who might read this thread later)

Problem now solved!

Tady se mi bude líbit :slight_smile: Neumíte česky ???