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Hello Guys,

I need your help or suggestion about implementing the same scroll feature as the website below. When you scroll down the page, the two boxes on left and right (Quick Links and Your orders) also gets scroll. please see on the below link

I have tried my best to get this effect but couldn’t found any thing on the net, perhaps I am searching with the wrong keyword.

Looking forward for your comments and suggestions. Thanks…

Not javascript, CSS

The left and right sidebars are empty and the links/orders are absolutely positioned

They are using jQuery for that effect. jQuery is a bunch of JavaScript code that you can download from the internet. So, in the head of the document, there is a link to the jQuery code itself, and then below that there is a link to this file:

which has—among other things—rules for moving the sidebars down as you scroll down the page. You can do this with CSS, but you don’t get quite the same effect.

By the way, gkdesign, welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Right you are Ralph.

The way the page redraws itself for me when I scroll I must be missing the effect and since I didn’t check the files I would have bet it was CSS.

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Crikey, what vintage is it?

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Thanks Ralph.m and Mittineague for your valuable time…In the mean time I found this script which is easy to implement.

floating menu test - test #2

I also thought to use the same script as that website, but didn’t found the relevant ID’s etc. actually got threatened after seeing their code.