Scroll bar disappears in safari

on this page

if you click on the text link that says “download original” or “full size” it of course goes to a page showing the full size image. However upon returning to the page, by hitting the browser’s back history button, you will see that the scroll bar for the thumbnails has disappeared.

I can only test in Safari and Firefox…so as far as i know this is solely a safari issue.


nevermind the problem is in firefox as well

i can not determine a consistent reason for this happening in firefox…seems sporatic

Hm, not sure what you mean by “the scroll bar for the thumbnails disappears”, but nothing disappears for me in FF or Safari when I do what you described.

i click the “download original” or “full size” text to the bottom right of the main image…

it goes to big image page…

i go back one page where i started everything is great…except now the scrollbar is gone…

this happens to me only in safari

i am using flexcroll.js for the scroll bar and gallerific.js for the gallery

you might have to try a couple of times to replicate this…it does not seem to be consistant

…i just tried again after posting and it didnt disappear, then i tried again and it did.

this is weird

O, that scroll bar. When I first visited the site (FF and Safari), there was no scroll bar anyhow, hence my confusion. Anyhow, now that the scroll bar appears for me, it is kind of broken anyhow. I would suggest just using the normal browser scroll bar—that is, with a height set on the UL and overflow: auto. Much simpler and more reliable. :slight_smile:

im sorry for that i screwed up the height while you were looking at the page.
i appreciate your suggestion… and i will definately consider it…but that doesnt stop me wondering why it disappears

you were able to replicate the disappearing scroll behaviour now that you have seen the page as i intended?

Hm, the page looks a bit messed up now. Things have moved around, and the view enlargement button is gone. But there is no scroll bar to the right at all.

so i did it again…you went to look at the page and i had changed it! im sorry for that. I thought you had seen the behavior i was talking about

I figured out something…not much but something…and perhaps its a css issue

so in safari after the scroll has disappeared (i hope you can recreate the behaviour i was talking about above) all that it takes to make the scrollbar reappear is a resizing of the browser window…poof the scrollbar is back…

my uneducated guess is something needs a specified dimension to prevent the disappearing. I tried fiddling with this but got no progress. but that is all i can think of for now.

Trust me this time when you view the page it will be as intended…i will not mess with it

I actually managed to keep the scrollbar from disappearing by changing the UL id from “thumbs noscript” to just “thumbs”

in my html

<!-- Start Advanced Gallery Html Containers –>
<div id=“gallery” class=“content”>
<div id=“controls” class=“controls”></div>
<div class=“slideshow-container”>
<div id=“loading” class=“loader”></div>
<div id=“slideshow” class=“slideshow”></div>
<div id=“caption” class=“caption-container”></div>
<div id=“thumbs” class=“navigation”>
<div id=‘mycustomscroll’ class=‘flexcroll’><ul class="thumbs ">
<a class=“thumb” name=“2011-1” href=“” title=‘Caine Frame nbsp;24"x34"’>
<img src=“” alt=“Title #0” />
<div class=“caption”>
<div class=“download”>
<a href=“”>Full Size</a>
<div class=“image-title”>Caine Frame <br> 24"x34"</div>
<div class=“image-desc”>Acrylic and pumice on canvas</div>

im glad thats gone…

now ill work on getting rid of the flicker