Script timeout?

I am running quite a heavy php script where I am converting some pdf’s

In the script that I run as background process through the console I have:


But in my virtualbox it still seems to timeout… the script stops after convert 1 page… On the actual server it does seem to work. I have set apache to allow override all… Is there a setting that I am missing? Why it seems to work on the real server but not in virtual box?

Arggh I just find out its the memory limit… do external apps through exec() add to the amount of memory limit?

The exec()'ed programs should have their own address spaces, so their use of memory doesn’t affect PHP (unless what you’re exec()'ing is a PHP script).

Without seeing code, it’s hard to definitively help you determine why you’re running out of memory. How big are the PDFs? How are you converting the PDFs? If you tried rolling your own PDF lib, you might want to check the PHP docs on PDFlib Lite to see if it meets your needs.

Also, take a look at the php.ini directive: memory_limit. You can increase the maximum size, if you really need to.