Script stopped working when I move from Windows to Linix

I’ve been using a javascript routine to create slide shows for many websites including my own. Unfortunately, when I moved my site to a Linix hosted platform from a windows platform my slideshow stopped working. It still works on my XP system under IIS, but not when I upload it to my new server platform.

Any ideas about what could cause such behavior would be greatly apprecited.

I took the capital “S” off the slides folder and the slides.js file can now be found!
Now that I’ve moved to a Linix platform, I’m going to have to go through ALL my folders and remove any capitals.

Thanks again.:wink:

We could help if we were to have a look at a test page that demonstrates the problem that you’re having.

Pardon me. I was experimenting and goofed.

Okay, I now get a scripting error that fadeshow is not defined.

I presume that this is related to a scripting file not being found.

Currently the web site has a redirect loop, so it’s not possible to view anything there at all.

OK, here is a link to my website:
The home page is supposed to have a slide show running on the simulated monitor screen. I’ve attached a zip file containing the pictures and the scripts.

Thanks for your interest.