Script needed to create a thread on my own forum -Help please

I have never written any code before so i might need a lot of help.I have spent a whole day searching for info

What i am trying to achieve in my forum is to place an new thread with an automated post in 1 forum only.
I need the post to be made up of 6 parts and sent every few minutes.

Title - picked from a list of funtime, teddys challenge,what shall we do today
location - This is picked from a list of all uk towns and villages
to do - picked from a list of items such as You must find, You must see, you must try

item - picked from a list containing the word apple,pear, bannana mango

when to start picked from a list containing monday, tuesday, wednsday, thur, friday

Reward = picked from a list of 1 to 10

closing date = 7days from post

ID number - a number thats picked from the post number

So output would look like.

Title: funtime
Area :London
To do : You must try
To eat : apple
Reward 10 points
Closing date : Jan 10th 4110

Id number : 123456

I will need the post header in the forum as post title ie funtime´╗┐

What do you think , can this be done. Hopefully someone can help me or point me in the right direction .

Can anybody help please