Script Conflict in Chrome?

Using KC_Kufon for fonts display and Chrome is having a problem displaying on this page. Chrome seems to display fine on other pages with the exception of the blog page(s). I checked the template and there doesn’t seem to be any errors. I’m suspecting a script conflict, but I cannot find the bug.

Any thoughts?

That page has a lot of blocked and 404ed resources. But regarding the fonts, I recommend you dump Cufon. It’s an outdated technology and not worth the effort. Give web fonts a spin instead.

Thanks, ralph.m.

You say you noticed some 404ed resources. May I ask where you saw these? And I do plan on dumping cufon, but I’d like to see the errors first in case I run into this problem again.

Yes. I think any browser will do the same, but in my case, I opened the Chrome dev tools (I usually just right click on the page and choose Inspect Element to open them) and at the bottom right there were some warning symbols. If you click on those, an extra frame opens up detailing various broken links and blocked resources.

Thank you. I wound up embedding similar fonts to avoid future issues with cufon. Goodbye, Cufon!