Scope creep and beyond. What to do?

Long story short. I started a contract earlier in the year. it was to be a 3 month contract and built partially on some commercial off the shelf scripts. The rest was custom stuff that I knew I could do easily enough. Problem is a section of the site was supposed to be handled by a module that cost a bit but was integral to the functioning of the site.

We went over the software on the test site from the company and it “appeared to function”. I purchased the software. and went on my way. over the next 3 months we received nothing good out of the software and the client became furious.

I decided to purchase another script that looked well. Modified it, etc… and am in the process of finalizing with the company that had developed the script. It’s around 90% of the way finished and this company is more responsive BUT in the end it cost me a ton of issues with the client, as well as a TON of money lost from the original place since they required me to pay for the fixes that was needed and the company left me fully hanging at the end of the day out of 3k on a 8k contract.

I have went WAY beyond the normal compensation with the client, installing V2 modules I developed that are worth 3x what the full cost of the original contract is worth. They wanted to do it as cheaply as possible. so they didn’t pay for the site to be extravagantly designed and for it to be based off their existing sites look from another platform…

Now they are complaining about the design and it seems like black mail even though everything else on the site works PERFECTLY.

What should I do? I have already lost a ton of cash on the deal, and am waiting to get paid by them for the new extension that I bought that set me back another wad of cash. of which they didn’t pay for most of it yet.

When you start doing things beyond what is agreed in the original contract you raise expectations that you will do a lot more. You should have stopped at the point where the scope crept beyond what the contract allowed for and renegotiated then.

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already taken care of. Found a ton of deceit on their end and finally got things fixed with the newest plugin. Sad thing is I am out a bit of money. Although that will too get handled via collections. you raise a good point

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