Scanning repeatedly

I am trying to make a multi-player game and I wanted to know whats the best way to go about this? The game will need to scan the database continually using a chron job I assume. It may also need to add or remove data based on what it receives. Basically I wanted to know is it a wise idea to set up a database scan for every tenth of a second? Will the computer even be able to process it that fast and modify information once the database reaches 100,000 members?

Does anyone have any experience in this? Is there an article anyone can point me to which would help. I tried searching google but came up with nothing.


yes as in run through every record… scan the database… I basically need to know what everyone is doing at all times and since the base is database driven i need a way to read the entire database check if the person is logged on, if they are then read the information and display it client side to whomever that information applies to. So it will need to be scanned continually as soon as it reads all records then it will read it again and again and again etc…

When you need to show some info client side, you’ll get that particular info from the database the moment you need it. You’ll use queries for that.