Saving image as layers

I am developing mobile app. The purpose of this mobile app is to help its users generate a card to store their personal identification number, name and photo. The card comprises of a background layer and the following items which sits on top of background layer

  1. User Photo (image)
  2. Name
  3. Roll number
    All the items are dynamic . The card will be uploaded to our server from the mobile device and can be pulled to various devices operated by the user. He can edit it anywhere.
    I am looking for advices on a format which saves image as layers so that our editor can access the items on a card individually. Since this card is digitally passed around using 3G/4G data. The size of the file is also a consideration.


I don’t see this being done as an images file, but instead the data stored in a database, then pulled from the database and dynamically rendered in html and css. The photo would be an image file upload to a folder with its url stored in the database along with the other data.

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