Save data using Mysql & API

I need to save data to MySQL database using an API.I need to pass data to API then this API will be used to insert into the database.Any one having an idea in these kind of situations ?

Should I use XML-RPC or REST.please suggest your idea. ? I am planing to use codeigniter

REST is generally considered to be the ‘right’ way to handle a web service.

Lots of info re using CI for this: codeigniter rest web service.

Thanks for your Reply

I planned to use XML RPC method.

Can you tell me which is good ? XML RPC or REST in my situation. My client suggested XML-RPC but I have freedom to choose.

Ah well, as CI has an xml-rpc class, and the client suggested it, its probably best to go with that.

any advantages XML RPC is having over REST ?

In your case, the XML RPC advantages are - “CI has an xml-rpc class, and the client suggested it” :slight_smile: