Sale less cost items to gain better trust?

We have been open for a couple of weeks now,
Really are not getting any sales,
I have added live chat on my site and can see what customers we get,
You think the high dollar faucets and shower stuff i sale, could possible
be too much of a risk for most people to take on a new unknown site?
Like mine as example,
Should i just add some lower ticketed items,
that cost less to increase sales?
Just trying to find a new way to get a customer base,
Here is my site link

Exactly. Offer the lower priced items, but DO NOT come down on the premium items. Don’t fall into the trap of lowering the “perceived value” of these high quality items.

It seems like best strategy is to put high cost/great quality items, followed by medium, and finally low cost items.
In company I was working before, we had rule to sell items from $1 up to 1000.
That strategy has proven to work well for us, and also put reviews of your product, people love to read about item before they buy it.
Instead of wasting their time to Google search it, they will find it on your site, therefore you will earn more trust from them.

It is always a great idea to add low cost items as well as high cost items. The only reason to do this is to test and see which markets your really going after.

You can do a lot of things to gain someones trust, but I don’t think adding low priced items to your site is going to help much.

For starters, who are you…and how does someone contact you with questions before or after the sale? What areas do you sell and ship to? Are you located in or out of the US?

Visitors to any site are naturally skeptical and you need to really work hard to give them reasons to shop with you, a site they don’t know and probably never heard of before, over someone like Amazon with billions in sales and millions of satisfied customers.

What websites do you shop at? Would you give your business to an unknown retailer or someone like newegg or