Safest way to create .ico files?


I want to create an favicon.ico file and all of the articles I’ve read so far seem to include a component of using an online generator to convert the image file to .ico.

Is there any risk in using these online generators? I’m always nervous of downloading something from a random site and uploading it onto my website

Is there an alternative where I can just make it on my pc? I’ve got photoshop. Can I just create a .png instead?


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I’ve been using a PNG image for a long time now. IIRC, only older versions of IE had a problem with that, and I decided I could live with them not displaying the icon.

If you want to convert to .ico, I’m pretty sure Photoshop would be able to do it. I can’t check, as I don’t have it myself, but GIMP can certainly convert from .png to .ico, so I’d imagine Photoshop will, too.


Photoshop can do it, of course. Just export it as PNG. And do make sure that the colour profile is RGB… One day I forgot I set it up to CMYK for a printer, and then the image couldn’t not be seen on some browsers…

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I’ve never had a problem with the online converters.

Favicons don’t have to be .ico files. You can use any of the common image types supported by browsers.

thanks all, yeah I was getting bogged down with thinking I needed an .ico favicon.

I’ve just opted for a png now so I don’t have to worry about any third party sites etc.

thanks all


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